10 Great Non-Fiction Books Marvel Fans Must Read

Marvel Comics has grown into one of the biggest brands in the world due to its on-page storytelling capabilities. Yet it’s not just the world of fiction that fascinates fans. There is a whole slew of non-fiction work that manages to capture the essence of the Marvel Universe and the company’s own narrative in a unique way.

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Whether published by Marvel Entertainment or an outside company, showcasing the famous superheroes, or focusing more on the fundamentals of the brand itself, these non-fiction reads are a must-have for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel graphic novels in general. .


Honorable mention: Art Of

The cover of Avengers The Art of the Game

The art of the books are still gorgeous and help break down a number of behind-the-scenes detail for fans while also delivering some terrific visuals based on concept work from talented Marvel artists. Whether it’s Spider-Man games, MCU movies, Avengers titles, or even Netflix shows, there are plenty of The art of books to discover.

While each is formatted slightly differently, they typically include interviews and information about the costume development process, set design, and of course, character design for these iconic heroes and villains. Whatever Marvel fan’s favorite movie is, this really is the place to start buying those books.

All Wonders (2021)

The cover of All the Wonders of Douglas Wolk

Douglas Wolk has taken on a nearly impossible mission, reading the thousands upon thousands of comics that Marvel has published throughout the company’s history. He took notes and documented them all in All the wonders, thus sharing them with readers.

Whether it’s the evolution of art style, character changes, or even popular genres at some point, this book really helps show how far Marvel has come. Ultimately, there’s a lot of new information revealed on the cover of each comic.

Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years (2020)

The Marvel Studios Cover: The First Ten Years

Marvel Studios has celebrated its tenth anniversary over the past few years and has decided to publish a book about the early days of the business. Indeed, when they produced for the first time Iron Man it seemed like a capital risk, but over the years that followed, the studio kept getting stronger.

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With fantastic footage in front of and behind the camera, interviews and a recap of how the studio has really grown, The first ten years is a must read for any fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially to understand the company’s filmmaking process.

Marvel Year by Year Updated and Expanded: A Visual History (2017)

The Marvel-Year-By-Year-Updated-And-Expanded-A-Visual-History cover

It may center around some of the worst things that ever happened to Captain America, the original Western heroes of the Marvel Universe, or Ms. Marvel’s first-time debut, but the Year by year Visual Dictionary manages to cover all aspects of Marvel Comics in great detail.

It does this by looking at the business through a timeline, as the title suggests, year by year and even month by month, rather than breaking it down by character. This means that singular series and numbers are given special attention, depending on what had an impact at the time of release.

The History of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (2021)

The Story Of Marvel Studios: The Making Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe Cover

For those who want even more information on the development of Marvel Studios then the expensive book titled The making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is definitely the project to check out. It tells the story of Marvel in more detail compared to The first ten years.

Exclusive interviews guide the article, with the project’s editorial team doing extensive research and joining Marvel at different stages of their journey to uncover the details of running such a massive operation. Groundbreaking MCU trailers, box office records, and major cameos are all part of that tale.

Marvel Museum: The History of Comics (2019)

The cover of Marvel Museum: The Story Of The Comics

While there are plenty of titles that might investigate what it’s like in the Marvel Universe for these fictional heroes, Marvel Museum manages to follow the story of Marvel’s creative team itself and how Timely Comics became the juggernaut that it is today.

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It was not a clear path and although it has been documented before, exclusive interviews and dedication to the correct archiving of events have made this title a definitive collection of information about the world famous company. . It’s a truly inspiring read.

Incredible Fantastic Incredible: A Wonderful Memory (2015)

The cover of Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir

Stan Lee’s own story is amazing. There are many books covering creative genius, but Stan Lee’s own memoir could only be delivered in a specific way; of course through a graphic novel format. A wonderful memory, therefore, tells the story of Stan through art.

There are many anecdotes that fans of Stan the Man may already know, but they are told with such joy and beautiful works of art that you feel like you are hearing them again for the first time. . Ultimately, Lee’s legacy definitely lives on in this excellent play.

Marvel Encyclopedia (2019)

The Marvel Encyclopedia Cover

Want to know every time New York has been invaded? Interested in the history of Wakanda? Unsure of every member of the Avengers roster? Then the last edition of Marvel Encyclopedia might just be reading for fans of the ideas house.

This is absolutely written by the experts for die-hard comic book readers, with the encyclopedia covering such a vast array of characters and worlds, many of which have likely been overlooked. The new and old artwork helps bring the pages to life, but some of the interesting information about this fictional landscape is gripping.

Make Ours Wonder: Media Convergence and the Comic Book World (2017)

The cover of Make Ours Marvel: Media Convergence And A Comics Universe

Marvel Comics has a huge effect on mainstream media and pop culture in general. While most of the company’s history books examine the personal stories of those involved and how it came to fame, Make ours wonder rather look at the external effects.

The book brings together a series of essays that help show Marvel’s place in society and how they really became part of the mainstream trend. The social and political issues that the comics often discuss are really at the forefront of the work here of an array of talented writers.

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story (2013)

The cover of Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

Marvel’s story has been told from a corporate perspective so many times. There are even testimonials from particular points of view, but The untold story is really just that. Sean Howe brings together hundreds of interviews that give a different view of the current events.

The book helps get a much bigger picture of what was really going on at Marvel and just might reveal a bit of the secret to the company’s success. Not everything is tinged pink either, with harsh realities and honesty throughout these well-crafted pages.

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