22Gz, Sueco, Dead Posey: Tuesday Tracks

22Gz, courtesy.

This week we feature New York’s Sy Ari Da Kid and 22Gz, the solemn, crushing sounds of Sueco and Slow Crush, and the hard rock antics of Otoboke Beaver and Dead Posey.

Sy Ari Da Kid with Jadakis, “Unbreakable Promises” – We have a team of two New York greats on this new joint produced by Vntg Jag. The instrumental features high vocals on acoustic guitar as Sy Ari reflects on his growing status, how his dedication to the craft has brought him success, and the big names who show him respect. Jada also chimes in, reflecting on her similar rise.


Slow crush, “Blue” – This grungy garage number from Slow Crush will overwhelm you like you’re letting cold water run over your head in the shower after a bad day. The resonant, groaning guitars contrasted with the smooth vocals make for a deeply atmospheric and haunting listen. The lyrics describe a distant and crumbling relationship, leaving the narrator yearning for the connection he once cherished with his lover.

posey dead, “Can’t Take Me Down” – Looking for something with a bit of late 70s and early 80s hard rock to beat? Well, Dead Posey has you covered with this punchy, swinging number that’s perfect for giving you a boost of confidence when you need it most; complete with bass drums, strumming guitars and a kick-ass attitude. The divisive lyrics (courtesy Danyell Souza) remind me of the courage of AC/DC.


Otoboke Beaver, “SORRY?” – Japan has had many notable bands from the hardcore and punk scene over the years, and I honestly think it’s extremely underrated with bands like The Stalin and GaGaGa SP. Otoboke Beaver captures the essence of early ’70s punk music with this thrash number that features repetitive lyrics to underscore the meaninglessness of the unwanted feedback the band often find themselves receiving. Who doesn’t like to shout “SHUT UP!” in unison with those they do not support?

22Gz with internet money, ‘Loyalty’ – The sustained strings in this boring number create a chilling buildup for Brooklyn rapper 22Gz to spew with vicious conviction. He’s making a statement on this one that he’s a force to be reckoned with both on the mic and on the street. The fearless energy that 22Gz displays on this track, along with the infectious rhythm, will have you nodding in time with his flow.


Sueco, “Today” – Sometimes it just seems impossible to take care of all the things we have on our plate. Sueco is completely transparent with his angst, opting for the easy release of alcohol and drugs in order to cope with his apathy. He acknowledges the destructive nature of his addictions and how that creates this self-fulfilling cycle of negativity, enveloping an acoustic guitar melody that turns into an electric guitar anthem of angst.

Tim’s take: Rapper 22Gz displays the kind of heat one would expect from the drill scene. It slides over the instrumental and claims to be a formidable presence that innovates. It’s great to see new talent coming out of New York, the birthplace of hip-hop. The hunger in 22Gz’s eyes and his rhymes show just how much he’s ready to keep people’s minds busy for a long time.

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