7 farming stories you may have missed

Did you miss any agricultural news this week? We have what you need. Here’s a roundup of the top farming titles to get you up to speed.

E15 now available all year round

During a visit to an ethanol plant in Iowa, President Biden announced the EPA is planning a federal emergency waiver allowing the sale of E15 ethanol throughout the summer in an effort to combat high fuel prices. At least 300 million additional gallons of ethanol expected to be used by consumers – and that number could increase as more stations offer E15 blends. – Farm progress

Food prices – and food insecurity – on the rise

The last Consumer Food Information Report estimates the national food insecurity rate at 17%, a slight increase from February. The level of “very low food security” is also rising, and 46% of households earning less than $50,000 a year are waiting for their next paycheck to shop. Total food expenditure in March rose 8% month over month. – Farm progress

Argentinian truckers strike

Truckers in Argentina have started a indefinite strike on Monday to demand higher rates for transporting grain and livestock. Grain transport came to a virtual standstill at the height of the harvest season. The indefinite strike has not yet affected exports because the ports have large grain reserves, but it could start to affect shipments. About 85% of Argentine grain is transported across the country by truck. – Reuters

Hay supply difficulties

USDA Projects harvested acres of hay will fall again in 2022. While the drop isn’t too surprising, it likely provides little relief from the high hay prices that have been seen in many parts of the country since the middle of last year. The expectation for 2,022 harvested acres of hay in the 10 largest beef cow states is 3.7 million acres below its 2000-14 average. – Missouri Ruralist

How much do you pay for nitrogen?

A Purdue Extension team recently updates to the cost comparison tables for nitrogen, breaking it down by cost per ton and cost per pound of N. Breaking down fertilizer prices to actual costs of N per pound will help you make sure you’re getting the best deal. Experts note when nitrogen is applied and how it is applied is also important to consider, as some forms are more effective than others. – Indiana Prairie Farmer

Save fuel on the farm

Diesel fuel prices have reached their highest levels on record in recent weeks. It’s easy to fall back into old habits, especially during the peak of peak farm times. But with such tight margins in 2022, consider working with your farm team to incorporate these six tips to reduce your farm’s fuel bill. – Farm progress

EPA’s new plan to protect endangered species

The United States Environmental Protection Agency released its first-ever comprehensive work plan to meet the decades-old challenge of protecting endangered species from pesticides. The EPA currently has over 50 pesticide ingredients, covering over 1,000 pesticide products, with court-enforceable deadlines for ESA compliance or in pending litigation alleging ESA violations. – Farm progress