Anti-Gun Journal Endorses… Christine Drazan – Oregon Firearms Federation


Far-left Portland newspaper “Willamette Week” unsurprisingly endorsed Christine Drazan for governor.

In many ways, this makes perfect sense. Despite all of Drazan’s false campaign claims, she still supported some of the most extreme policies of Oregon’s ruling Liberal Party.

WW comically claims Drazan, the former Canby House Minority Leader, barely represents Portland’s values. She’s not RINO: Drazan is pro-life and opposes climate legislation.

In fact, vote after vote, Drazan voted to neutralize the police and protect the rioters. WW’s claim that it “opposes climate legislation” ignores the fact that it voted against oil exploration. Keep this in mind when refilling.

Proving that the left has absolutely no sense of self-awareness, they even hilariously state that she “…unlike many members of his party, knows how to wield power. Last year, she even forced then-House Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland) to give the GOP an equal voice (for a time) in redistricting.

The “for a while” is actually in the original quote. In reality, she forced Kotek to do nothing. Drazan gave up his latest tool to slow down the far-left agenda (forcing the entire bill to be read before a vote) in exchange for a promise from someone well known for breaking promises. And then, to the surprise of no one but Drazan, Kotek snatched the ball away and Drazan and the Republicans got…nothing. (Well, maybe not “nothing”.)

WW goes on to say “ Gun activists, for example, blame him for letting Democrats pass a fairly innocuous gun safety bill last year. They wanted her to order her caucus to deny Democrats a quorum and are now castigating her for it. Drazan stayed, perhaps because she knows walkouts are unpopular with the electorate.

The “harmless enough gun safety bill” was SB 554 which requires that your self-defense firearms remain locked up and useless, that you be held responsible for the criminal actions of thieves who steal firearms and you are prohibited from your Capitol Building, Portland Airport, and any school that decides concealed handgun permit holders are no longer allowed to pick up their children from school.

When WW said “…maybe because she knows walkouts are unpopular with electorate they misspelled”democrats”.

You see, the walkouts were very popular with Republicans who won reelection Each Representative of the Republican Chamber who left in 2020 and elected two new ones! But Drazan isn’t really concerned with the best interests of the people who elect Republicans. She’s much more concerned with the bidding of Democrats that she (and many other Republicans) vote with time and time again.

As you know, the “gun activists” mentioned in the WW Puff article are you, members of OFF. No one else stood up for the rights of gun owners in Oregon. We thank you for your continued activism. And we are grateful to the far-left, anti-gun Willamette Week newspaper for making it clear who (besides wealthy lobbyists) really supports Christine Drazan.