Art Basel Hong Kong 2022. Perrotin

For the 2022 edition of Art Basel Hong Kong, Perrotin is pleased to present a selection of works from the gallery’s artist program and artist estates.

The presentation brings together paintings, sculptures and multimedia works from a diverse group of artists and artist estates across generations, continents, interests and approaches. Highlights include the Hong Kong debut of works by artists who have recently begun representing or collaborating with Perrotin. Jean-Marie Appriou takes the viewer into his fantastic universe with new equine and bat sculptures in aluminum and bronze. By breaking down his characters’ personality traits into geometric units open to new combinations, Jason Boyd Kinsella explores humanity’s ever-changing state of being. Koak creates emotionally charged characters infused with a sense of agency and inner life rendered through exquisite line work and branding. Tavares Strachan launches his new Galaxy series in Asia inviting the viewer to re-imagine the stargazing experience.

Alongside these debuts, Lee Bae’s latest series From Fire, presented for the first time in Hong Kong, gives a new perspective to his charcoal compositions by punctuating them with white lines. Also on display are Takashi Murakami’s new fashioned canvases featuring the whimsical spherical-eared DOB – the artist’s avatar and an ever-changing persona embodying an ever-changing artistic identity – in a polychromatic palette; and a painting by Ens? series that represents an epiphany for the artist and pays homage to the tradition of Japanese Zen Buddhism.

The gallery stand also presents works by Jens Fänge, Bernard Frize, Hans Hartung, Gregor Hildebrandt, Park Seo-Bo, Georges Mathieu and Jean-Michel Othoniel.

Coinciding with Art Basel Hong Kong, a solo exhibition by Koak, The Driver, is presented at Perrotin Hong Kong from May 21 to July 9. This is his first exhibition with the gallery and in Asia.

Recent and upcoming shows from other newly represented or collaborating artists:
Jean-Marie Appriou — personal exhibition to come in the second half of 2022 at Perrotin Shanghai;
Jason Boyd Kinsella — solo exhibition from March 26 to 21, 2022 at Perrotin Paris;
Tavares Strachan — personal exhibition in October 2022 at Perrotin Paris.

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