On Sunday, May 8, the Sonoma State Seawolves won their second consecutive California Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) championship title hosted by Cal State Monterey Bay. The Seawolves defeated Monterey in the championship to secure their second straight CCAA title and the fourth seed in the Western Regional tournament.

The opener was an absolute slugfest, with the final score being 16-8 against the Cal State East Bay Pioneers, breaking the CCAA tournament run record. After the second inning, the Seawolves had a seven-point lead. Hays had this to say about a lead that impacted the game: “When we’re up so many points, the main thing we all feel is that we’re just having fun at that moment. -the. We can breathe a little more and just have fun on the plate. We are also capable of not having so much pressure on us when we are on the pitch. It’s really good to have so much cushion for our pitchers and put them in the best position to succeed.

The Seawolves went to Game 2 to defeat their arch-rival Chico State Wildcats in extra innings. The final score being 6-5, the match was very close until the end. The score was only 2-1 until the sixth inning when Wildcats first baseman Reilani Peleti hit deep center field to tie the game. During the seventh inning, both teams managed to score three runs in their half innings. After that, he went into extra innings where junior Courtney Jack had what would prove to be the game-winning RBI.

After their huge win over Chico State, the Seawolves faced No. 1 seed Cal State San Marcos in the semifinals. After a big seven run first inning, the Seawolves never looked back as they won the game 12-8.

After the win over San Marcos, it propelled the Seawolves to the championship game against Cal State Monterey Bay. The Seawolves quickly found themselves down a three-run deficit in the first two innings. They finally answered in the fourth inning thanks to a two-run homer from senior Jordyn Martinez, her third of the weekend helping her earn the tournament MVP award. SSU was able to tack on an 8-run sixth inning to secure the lead for good.

After winning the championship on Sunday, Martinez had this to say: “It was so exciting to win it all. This team is so special and we are so competitive and we fight so hard. Hitting a home run in that game was honestly one of my favorite home runs I’ve hit this year. It was just one way the momentum went on our side and it was so much fun celebrating that with my team.

After entering the CCAA Tournament as the top three seed, the Seawolves overcame the odds and claimed victory. They will now compete in the regional Division Two West tournament starting this week on Thursday, May 12. Fans can stream games through the NCAA Network.