Like smashing a tinnie with a mate on a hot summer day, charming warmth and rugged charm await you on the self-titled debut album from the Brisbane coastal punks. bed shelves.

AFTER: BRING ME THE HORIZON: Damned If They Go Back // SUNK LOTO: No More Anxiety
COMMENTS: THORNHILL: Heroin // ALEXISONFIRE: Otherness // GRAY STUN: The Phoenix // JOYCE’S MANOR: 40 oz. In Fresno // ATLANTIC STAND: TO FEAR // DUNE RATS: True rare whale

A staple of the Australian industry since the 2017 release of their debut EP Lost Found Beat AroundRedland Bay’s favorite sons Beddy Rays have embraced the wholesome trope of turning schoolyard mates into full-fledged rockers, ever since their 2020 anthem coaster which landed multi-million streams while ranking #57 on triple j’s Hottest 100, also garnering nominations for the Queensland Music Awards and National Indigenous Music Awards along the way.

And from humble origins of just wanting to play music, sink cans and make friends, to be in possession of their very first full album, which will be released on Friday July 29th, their first LP bed shelves is ultimately an authentic, intelligent collection of songs that were meant to be consumed and roared through in a sunny festival setting. Answering the question of what would it look like if Catfish and bottlers moved to Australia and took up surfing, bed shelves is a sun-kissed outing filled with effortless indie tinges, dreamy hooks and occasional edgier moments of the band’s more punk leanings. Opening track Wait a moment romp and romp with creamy textures and relentless bass lines, delivering a polished opening that also negates your ability to sit still as it leads into an ode to getting out of the grind via the punkier Rehearsal week. FUTU turns up the riffage next alongside high-octane beats and bombastic choruses before On my own takes a matured twist detailing the importance of taking time for yourself, without losing the trademark Beddy Rays punch (and a fiery riff or two for good measure).

Embracing their solid footing between the realms of surf rock, indie and garage rock, Beddy Rays come out rocking, hugging and thumping on their first-ever full-length album.

To sort gets rougher around the edges, with high octane delivering just under two minutes loaded with explosive battery and some punk-tastic trickery courtesy of frotman Jackson “Jacko” Van Issumwhile Handle offers a playful punk ballad in the middle of swaying grooves and catchy chugs. More stripped down moments on the acoustic gem that is Brin’s song, to a panoply of more rowdy hymns (Milk, Ashtray, feels good), bed shelves flows seamlessly between slight stylistic fluctuations without ever completely losing or significantly altering the Beddy Rays signature that runs through the veins of the album. But amid the general festival vibe, there are sizzling guitar solos (looking at you, easy man and good with bad), nostalgic gems (Coffee stops) and much more in this real sonic lollipop bag from the boys of Redland Bay. And, of course, just over halfway through the album is the “song that started it all”, with coaster strike a tantalizing balance between youthful optimism and surf-meets-pub rock genius.

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A snapshot of true blue Aussie camaraderie and thrilling good times, perhaps what’s most enjoyable throughout bed shelves, alongside the splashy drums, hypnotic arrangements and effortless full-screen vocals, is the overwhelming feeling that this is ultimately a bunch of young creatives who really enjoy being in the same room with each other. others to craft and craft these affable and increasingly infectious indie anthems. Embracing their solid footing between the realms of surf rock, indie and garage rock, Beddy Rays come out rocking, hugging and thumping on their first-ever full-length album. And while it may carry the name of the band itself, there’s no ego or posturing in sight on bed shelves; instead, Beddy Rays vehemently cemented their status as purveyors of feel-good tunes and universal relatability that will tickle multiple airwaves as well as those yearning for non-stop summer festival moments. And with a slew of shows lined up later this year, it’s only a matter of time before you can see this album live in action.

EXCEPTIONAL TRACKS: All alone, sort it out, coaster, easy man
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