Breaking the News: Fourth-Grade Students Launch a Newspaper | New

Annika Stelling and Aylah Tepper are two of the kindest, most respectful and helpful fourth graders in Brittany Lemaniak’s class at EP Rock Elementary School.

When Stelling came up with the idea of ​​creating a school journal for their class last fall, she worked with Tepper to create the different sections of the journal.

“The Lemaniak Leader Times” has a small introductory section which is followed by things like breaking news, upcoming events, birthdays, updates, no school days and more.

This comprehensive press is presented monthly to the class and is entirely created by Stelling and Tepper, who “published” their first issue in January.

“Everything they do, they do with so much passion,” Lemaniak said. “They are rock star leaders.”

Rich O’Connor

Q. Why do you want to become mayor again?

A. I enjoy working and helping people in people and community and making our community a better place where we live

Q. What has been your greatest achievement as the current mayor?

A. Get better ambulance service (get people to hospital faster), add more police to keep people safe, expand the old dog track, reduce taxes and guide the community over the 2 difficult last years.

Q. What will you do if you become mayor again?

A. My number one priority is the safety and well-being of the people of our city. Always-on library research solution. Transport for the elderly and disabled. And bringing additional opportunity for recreation, especially at Lakefront Park.

Mrs. Liz (Malanaphy)

Q. Why do you want to win?

A. I love Hudson and believe in more female leadership roles and want to bring everyone together.

Q. Why do you think you would be a good mayor?

A. I love helping different people and I want to help different people find their talents.

Q. What are your proposals?

A. My proposals are a youth council for the climate and helping the environment.

Stelling and Tepper don’t have class time to work on “The Lemaniak Leader Times”, so they find time when they can. Often it is after they have finished their work or during recess.

“The girls wanted to start a journal so the class could have something to look forward to each month,” Lemaniak said.

They certainly delivered.

Asked about some of the stories they did, Stelling and Tepper explained the eraser incident.

There is a strict gum policy in Lemaniak’s classroom. On Fridays, Lemaniak students can chew gum, but if it is ever found elsewhere than in the trash, “Gum Fridays” will cease to exist.

One day, what appeared to be gum was found on the floor.

No more “Gummy Fridays”.

Upon further examination by a school janitor, it was discovered that the gum was actually not gum, but a marshmallow that the class had used before winter break during a school play. minute to win.

Stelling and Tepper were the first to know of the story, announcing that “Gum Fridays” were back in Lemaniak’s classroom.

Other stories the two have pursued include interviewing Mayor Rich O’Connor and mayoral candidate Liz Malanaphy. Malanaphy works at EP Rock. The girls found the perfect time and place to interview him: the playground.

Although journalism isn’t one of their dream jobs, Stelling and Tepper still have aspirations. Tepper wants to be a pediatrician when she grows up, and Stelling wants to be a criminal lawyer with a view to becoming president of the United States.