But, but we’re on the same side

by Colin Hyde

It’s almost a complete mistake, this vocal church belief that most of us who support the legalization of marijuana encourage smoking it and baking it in brownies. There are people who swear by marijuana, that it’s healthy to smoke and eat it, but I doubt more than 1% of us think it’s a perfect blessing for human health. .

Almost everyone knows that weed is a drug, and like all drugs, it has a negative side. Many swear it has therapeutic uses – some say it relieves pain, some help epilepsy and asthma, and some find it good for relaxation. Apparently some have a special effect when smoking it. What people get from smoking weed, cigarettes or cigars, I don’t know. Rum drinkers understand marijuana smokers about as much as heterosexuals understand homosexuals. God only knows why he put so much wiring in the human brain.
Almost everything in this world has opposite ends. Almost all of us grew up with the adage, a little of everything is good, too much of anything noh gud fu rien. Ah, too much sun and the plants wither in the fields; too much rain and the plants rot.

Minister of Home Affairs Hon. Kareem Musa said that if the church “wins” the referendum, the grass will be there, and if the church “loses”, the grass will be there. The big winner of a “winning” referendum for the churches will be the status quo: decriminalization. By the way, it would only be for a while. Whatever they say, it follows that the churches will mobilize against decriminalization if they win the referendum.

I see that the author of decriminalization, Senator Peyrefitte, is loud and clear about the legalization of weed. Let’s see very clearly what decrim has achieved. Since decriminalization, Belizeans who smoke weed only have to worry about adulterated products and being accomplices of a drug dealer who breaks the law. Yes, it is illegal to sell weed, and it is illegal to grow weed, and to get weed you MUST get it from someone who is breaking the laws that govern our land.

The decrim law “didn’t overturn anything” in a terrible situation where people’s lives were being destroyed for a stick of grass, but it’s clear that a law like that can only be a palliative, it’s clear that no one would think of perpetuating a law that undermines the integrity of our nation. We must not ignore the lesson of history on the thin edge of the wedge. A top lawyer, Pehreh should know the, uh, law of emboldening. You do not encourage anyone to break a law, for as night follows day he will lose respect for other laws.

We have a question to answer, but before we get to that, the church is really disappointing with this unwavering line that weed remains illegal because it’s a drug. Please stop bolstering your argument with stories of weed smokers saying it’s completely benign, because it’s just as criminal a tactic as atheists who focus on sections of the church who believe the Bible is 100% literal. Let’s be realistic here, because we want the same things – for it to be kept out of the mouths of children, for our young people to be fully educated and deterred, and for the corruption of our security forces and gang warfare to cease. This is what we who support legalization want. And for everything you said, that’s pretty much what you want too.

Whoa there, the ban lesson smacks of the big stick approach to hell out of the stadium!
There should be no doubt about the status of marijuana. It should be legal, with restrictions to ensure children can’t get it, and people with smoke allergies are respected. The question is whether we should export grass or grass products.

Belize churches side with Russia against Israel on grass
With anything possible in this era of justification we live in, our vocal church, which sides with Israel on everything, even its sadistic war on Palestine, probably has an explanation for opposing Israel on matters of wrongdoing. herbs. Hmm, Israel that can do no harm is sold on the virtues of weed. Israel, these bohgaz have chimneys, and at night the smoke that hangs over the Holy Land does not come from firewood, it is from the burning of marijuana. These Jewish saints, holding bongs into which they suck sap from weed buds.

As we all know, our lead comes from the WHO, a body run by the best trained medical brains, specially trained men and women who come from countries all over the world. The WHO is legit. The WHO has never been involved in any racist scheming against syphilis and that sort of thing. The WHO has been involved in the eradication of malaria and smallpox, the WHO is leading the fight against diseases in which the big pharmaceutical companies of the rich world see no profit. Look at the records, look at the great things that the WHO has done. Look, the WHO is the organization that is least likely to harm people in our part of the world.

My brothers and sisters, the WHO is not perfect, but when this organization speaks out on anything, it is the closest thing to a fish from the bottom of a river reporting that haligayta has ate a plastic bag and now he has a stomach ache. Ah, in 2020 the WHO reclassified marijuana, put it in the least dangerous category, and oho, do you know which country shouted the loudest against this decision? My gudnis is the same guy who jailed an American athlete for a little bottle of cannabis oil! Bohgaz, those big bad vodka-guzzling Russians who are in Ukraine right now showing how savage Europeans can be, in case we forgot, they did to block the progressive movement.

From jdsupra.com, we get this report that at the UN, the Russians, “citing the tired and misguided child abuse risk argument,” loudly voted “no to the reclassification of marijuana.” . Ouch, the Russians called weed “the most abused drug in the world” [psst, Comrade, Vodka is also a drug]and they “vehemently opposed the reclassification, saying there was little evidence to suggest that marijuana was different from other Schedule IV drugs.”

The Israelis are also quite vicious, but aside from their territorial ambitions, they seem to have common sense.

In the 2022 Associated Press article, “Israeli bigwigs see profits from cannabis legalization,” Byllan Ben Zion said former Israeli leaders and top security officials, aha, just like those in United States, are making a career in Israel’s “tightly controlled medical service”. the marijuana industry. Ben Zion says that “Israel is one of the world leaders in the use of medical cannabis and the possession of marijuana is decriminalized”.

Aha, Ben Zion calls names, says that “Ehud Barak, another former prime minister, former foreign minister Tzipi Livni, former police commissioner Yohanan Danino and retired director of the security agency Shin Bet Yaakov Peri are all consultants and investors in Israeli cannabis companies.”

Oh the revelations: History says the medical marijuana market is worth hundreds of millions to Israel, and it’s growing fast. My god, there are over 110 cannabis-related businesses in Israel! But bullying for them is not a wild frenzy. The country has heavy restrictions on exports, shipping just 1,462 books last year.

It is not impossible for the local vocal church to win this battle, but it is a war that the churches cannot win, not for long. The greatest tragedy here is that our efforts are diffused; we are fighting for the same thing, but they want to apply a remedy that goes against the gift of God’s free will and the common sense of man.