CNN removes “Breaking News” – Newspaper

THE Cable News Network (CNN) said it would replace its “Breaking News” banner with a new “Developing News” sign and that only “truly urgent” events would now be described as breaking news.

In a brief statement posted on its website, CNN clarified that “television networks have misused the term ‘breaking news’ for years. CNN is therefore raising the bar for the use of the “break” banner.

CNN business news anchor Brian Stelter reminded viewers that often when “the banner says breaking news, it doesn’t.”

CNN management, he said, was now trying to resolve this issue. “Let’s change the banner, let’s change the label, we say rather develop. It’s more accurate,” the anchor said.

A month into his term, new CNN President Chris Licht also sent a memo to staffers, outlining new guidelines for the use of the term “breaking news.”

“Something I’ve heard from people inside and outside the organization are complaints that we’re abusing the ‘Breaking News’ banner. I agree,” a said the memo, which was also posted on CNN’s business news site.

“It has become such a staple on every channel and network that its impact has been lost on audiences. We are truth tellers, focused on information and not alarming our viewers,” he said. -he writes.

The New York Times reported that CNN now discourages “sarcastic on-screen captions” and that its employees are now “trying to reserve more conservative voices” on their political shows, ignoring “Twitter’s backlash from the extreme right and extreme left.

The newspaper described Mr. Licht as a 50-year-old producer who had never run a major news agency and reported that some CNN reporters “wondered if he can navigate a sprawling, heavy global news network. beyond what has not been a good, very bad year”.

The report said Mr Licht was “ripping up” his predecessor’s playbook with a notably different style of management.

“I’m not here to go into the details of day-to-day editorial decision-making,” Mr. Licht told employees on the first day.

Posted in Dawn, June 10, 2022