Digital printing makes gains in the corrugated cardboard market

In recent years, packaging printing has been the fastest growing market for ink manufacturers. Unlike the publishing and commercial printing segments, which have been heavily impacted by the internet and the digital world, packaging is growing because consumers will always need packaging.

Interestingly, the digital world is beginning to enter the packaging market. In this case, it is digital printing that makes the gains. The most significant inroads have been made in the label and narrow web market, where estimates place the digital market at around 20%.

As for the other packaging markets, the progression of digital is slower, with the exception of the corrugated cardboard market, where inkjet is progressing. The corrugated cardboard market is not limited to brown boxes. Displays and signage in stores are printed with corrugated cardboard, which proves to be a good market for digital printing.

Digital printing has always been ideal for short runs. Brand owners are looking to attract consumers, and targeted marketing, whether it’s regional or special holiday-related campaigns, is particularly well suited to inkjet printing. Additionally, producing packaging as needed reduces inventory costs and the possibility of large runs becoming obsolete as new products hit stores.

In “Digital Printing Makes Significant Breakthrough in Corrugated Market,” beginning on page 19, digital printing industry leaders talk about what they hear from their customers and they believe the digital printing will continue to grow in the corrugated market.

The growth of digital printing is a bright spot for the printing and ink industries, and it will continue to grow in the future. Ultimately, the ability of brand owners to best reach their customers will drive the market.