Every sinner and sympathizer must vote to prevent a surprise victory

by Colin Hyde
It’s not impossible—unlikely,
yes, but not impossible, nothing is
under the sun. The greatest chance for
a win for the local weed gang
(AWG) if the EBC, ehm, shocks with
a report indicating that there are sufficient
legitimate petitions is if the GOB sticks
with the bill/law as it is. If the AWG
win, my friends, all hell will break out
Whoa there, rum dogs, wines and
foam suckers, gamers and
prostitutes and those who love
breed, watch out, because if they make it
grass, as night follows day, they will be
come for the rest of us. I am on
you have all read the poem “First They
Came”, by the German pastor Martin
Neimoller, whose first line says,
“They first came for the socialists, and
I did not speak—because I was not
a socialist”, and whose last line
says: “So they came for me – and
there was no one left to speak for me.
Ah, a few years ago Scott Stirm
and his friends said they were looking
to gain a foothold after losing hope in
the United States, and their eyes were upon us,
we, lee Belize, and here they did their
Personally, even though I have some
oxen with some of their ways, I feel
for this religious crowd, especially
Every sinner and sympathizer must vote for
prevent surprise victory
those who lived in the United States. Do you
know that over there a faysi gay can
look at a baker and say “you, bake
my wedding cake”, and well, if the
the poor religious do not do their
auction, they are sued. We
should always count our blessings.
Our bakers think they have problems
because our GOB ordered them to sell
a 16 ounce loaf at a controlled price.
They should go to the United States; the
they will make sense.
If not for their aggressiveness,
LGBT would be natural to enlist for
the platform of solidarity. Oh my god they have
legitimate fears. But I’m just too opposed
on this cake story. i believe in life
and let live. go find yours
baker. I’m sure gays bake good cakes
My biggest problem with AWGs is
the lengths they will go, to earn their
ends. In an emergency, the extremities can
justify the means. Simply put, if
you try to give courage to
someone who is in danger
drowning, no one can complain
against you if you tell them the shore
is only a mile when it’s over
like five. But if in a long debate
you will use distorted, demystified data
data, handpicked information, you
fly in the face of sacred truth,
and your wings must be clipped.
One like me, gotta harden my
heart. Although I feel for my evangelical
friends, I can’t be gentle with them
dangerous contradiction. They act like
it is their playground, when they have
said so themselves, called the earth the
The devil’s workshop, say what it’s for
heaven is for heaven and what is for
the earth is for the earth. It’s not in the plan
for them to win here. It’s in the first
pages of the Bible. Adam yielded to
temptation and ate the aapl!
This is serious business, and I am
not take no for an answer of
sinners and supposed sympathizers.
I warn them, step up! I swear
on my bottle only if out of apathy and
ignorance others allow AWG
to choke the weed, I’ll only lift a finger
to defend my vice when the troubles
come. Oh please let’s not go
way. Let’s arm up, let’s swear one
oath, all for one and one for all, to
fell this weed gang.
You’re irritable, PM
It’s not an easy task, taking over a
country with a sluggish economy
the teeth of a global pandemic. The
PUP had all its plans to “recover”
the economy, make us all win, and
then the world stopped. The
The PUP took over an economy that the
the former Prime Minister said he needed a
many prayers to turn around. He must
crossed PUP’s mind to withdraw
and let the UDP take care of the mess,
but those desperate blue bohgaz had
been away from the office too long, 13 years old,
and they couldn’t tolerate
stay on the wrong side of the
aisle. This would have prompted them to
the deepest depression, so it was a
almost unanimous vote when they chose
be the lords of the empty coffers
suffer under odious dishonest
Every day is a stress for the PUP. To
at every turn there are Belizeans screaming,
‘when are we going to win?’ And there
are the players who have invested in the
party and now shoot their
coats for full reviews on their
contributions. Hey, all that to say to
the PUP gang they wouldn’t be
human if they weren’t exhausted
end. But you can’t afford to be irritable
with us, PM.
We have given you our biggest job. If the
the salary we give you is not enough, you
know the salary range before applying
for the post. Your family is Belizean
royalty now. It goes with the territory
that they will be under the microscope.
Remember Billy, Jimmy Carter
maverick brother, and the Bush
brother Neil? Your family members
could be holy and exemplary; still
you should expect questions of all kinds.
When you answer, don’t get upset.
Thanks to Steve, now
everyone can run
I read the report on the Crooked
Tree Village Council Elections, and
man, is the former vice president of the village
Steve Anthony receives a big blow. This
would be interesting to watch all
factors that allowed Steve to become
vice-president more than ten years ago, and
all political currents this time
around. I guess morning stew
the superstar had to explain some
to his audience, and I missed it.
Put these explanations aside, what
I mean today is that our country
owes Steve a big thank you for losing
that bad. His brother, Patrick, all
crowds of third parties, and
the editor of this newspaper knows
definition of electoral debacle, but
none of them had/had the nationality
Steve’s popularity. I say, if a man like
popular as Steve could get such a
full punch, nobody shuda
be ashamed of voter rejection.
From now on, get beat up that
path will be a badge of honor.
You have to start with the
neck, Mr. Cromwell
I saw on Breaking News a Ruben
The story of Morales Iglesias, that coach
for lightweight boxer, Rolando
Romero, who faced Tank
Davis for the championship a couple
a few weeks ago, is a Belizean. Of course, I
checked, and indeed, Mr. Cromwell
Gordon’s birthplace is the Jewel.
Rolando is a good fighter; it was
close on dash until it runs
in a left hook and crumpled tank
to the canvas.
Mr. Gordon and his charge are
back in the gym, and we have to
support Belizeans everywhere, therefore I am
send this advice, hoping it reaches
him. Braa, you gotta get your
pugilist a better neck. Great
question for all boxing trainers is the
jaw stiffness from their load. A
the boxer can be the candy master
science, have all the crowd
will pay, but if they can’t take a
lick, their career will reach a sudden
Davis said he didn’t even knock
Romero with his best shot, and he
fell and could not stand when
he got up. Rolando was always on
wobbly legs a few minutes later as
his father carried him to his locker.
You can’t really build the jawbone
muscles, unless, like Father William
said, you enter the law. you can build
to the neck muscles. Evander
Holyfield outlived Mike Tyson and
became heavyweight champion because
of his thick neck.