Herald Wins Prizes in North Dakota Newspaper Association Contest – Grand Forks Herald

BISMARCK — The Grand Forks Herald and its staff won 51 awards in the 2021 North Dakota Newspaper Association Better Newspaper Contest.

The results of the competition were announced at the NDNA’s annual convention, held this weekend in Bismarck.

Of the 51 awards, 15 were first places – including six first places in advertising by Matt Purpur.

The Herald’s Sam Easter, Sydney Mook and Korrie Wenzel also teamed up to win the First Amendment award – considered one of the competition’s top prizes – for their work reporting on issues in 2021 related to the State Board of Higher Education and at Mayville State University.

“The report cut through confusing circular rhetoric from academia and public relations and presented the findings fairly and clearly; the editorials showed readers why it mattered,” one judge wrote of the Herald cover.

Below are all the Herald prices:

Food ad: First place, Matt Purpur, Rebekah Ness.

Entertainment/Alcohol Ad: Second place, Matt Purpur, Katie Hastings.

Vehicle ad: Honorable mention, Matt Purpur.

clothing ad: Third place, Matt Purpur, Bethan Loida.

Announcement house/garden: First place, Matt Purpur, Tammy Doyle.

Outdoor/sport ad: Third place, Sara Praska, Tammy Doyle.

Single ad: First place, Matt Purpur, Chris Johnson.

Small space ad: Second place, Matt Purpur, Christopher Johnson.

Healthcare Announcement: First place, Matt Purpur, Tammy Doyle.

Political announcement: First place, Matt Purpur, Luanna Lake.

Use of color in advertising: second place, Matt Purpur, Dan Young.

Promotion of newspaper advertising: First place, Matt Purpur, Katie Hastings.

Promotion of newspaper readership: First up, Sue Lindlauf.

Promoting the community: Second place, Staci Lord, Brenda Lawrence.

Special Announcements Section: First place, Herald staff

Signature page: First place, Sara Praska, Rachel Poser.

Report : Third place, Sam Easter.

Series of reports: Third place, Ann Bailey, Brad Dokken, Ingrid Harbo, Korrie Wenzel.

Feature Series: Third place, Joe Bowen, Adam Kurtz, Hannah Shirley, Matt Henson.

Government reports: Honorable mention, Sydney Mook, Joe Bowen.

Government reports: Second place, Sam Easter.

Government Series: Third place, Sam Easter.

Economic news: Third place, Joe Bowen.

The sports page as a whole: Second place, Herald.

Sports report: Third place, Ann Bailey.

Sports report: Second place, Brad E. Schlossman.

Sports series: First place, Brad E. Schlossman.

Sports function: Third place, Ingrid Harbo.

Sports function: First place, Tom Miller.

Sports chronicle: Third place, Brad E. Schlossman.

Sports chronicle: Second place, Wayne Nelson.

Editorial writing: First up, Korrie Wenzel.

Editorial page as a whole: Third place, Herald.

Standing news front: Third place, Lauren Wilson.

Agricultural coverage: Honorable mention, Sam Easter.

Personal, humorous chronicle: Third place, Chuck Haga.

Personal, humorous chronicle: Second place, Brad Dokken.

Special news section: First place, Brad E. Schlossman.

Home page design: Third place, Tanner Larson.

Best Website: Third place, Herald staff.

Online coverage of breaking news: Honorable mention, Adam Kurtz, Matt Henson.

General design: Third place, Herald staff.

News photo: Honorable mention, Eric Hylden.

News photo: First place, Eric Hylden.

Feature photo: First up, Nick Nelson.

Sports photos: Second place, Nick Nelson.

Story in pictures: Third place, Nick Nelson.

Photo shown: Third place, Brad Dokken.

Portrait photograph: Third place, Nick Nelson.

Agricultural pictures: Second place, Eric Hylden.