Infected Rain: Flourish Out of the Cocoon

The new year ushers in new sonic and musical opportunities for the next 12 months. There’s often a buzz about all the upcoming albums and EPs, not knowing what to expect once the first track of that new album sounds like and what kind of experience the listener will have throughout. ‘album. This such plot also applies to INFECTED RAIN and their album, Ecdysis. Throughout uncertain times making recording in the studio more difficult than usual, work on the album was meticulously planned developing their cocoon narrative, as vocalist Lena Scissors described at Deformed Ring.

“The recording itself was slightly different than anything we’ve done before due to COVID-19,” Lena begins with the description of the disc’s production. “Although it’s not as drastic as people think because I’ve lived in the United States for six years, so we’ve gotten used to working remotely with the group so far. So we just had to adjust some things and learn some new things to make it easier or better. We didn’t have a release date for a very long time. In fact, the idea was for the album to come out in 2021. Initially, around the middle of the year, that was the plan. But obviously all the plans were cancelled, everything was put on hold. It’s a stressful thing, but also, we took our time to record it and compose it. So it was good.

From 2008, the group gained traction through their festival performances as well as their four previous albums, with their first released in 2011. Their album before, endorphinwas released in 2019, and as Lena explains, some ideas from that record were later included to Ecdysis. “I remember Vidickour guitarist, saying to me ‘hey, this song is so complex that I think it would be great to include it’, Lena carry on with the songs Postmortem Pt 1 and Post Mortem Pt 2, the first and last track of the album. “We dropped it from endorphin because we signed with the label and we wanted to do a real full album. If we hadn’t done that, then it would be a shorter first part of the album and a shorter second part of the album. So I had written a lot of things for this album that we ended up not using. So when he brought up this song for the new album, I thought to myself, “Actually, I have a bigger poem that I wrote a long time ago”, thinking that I would apply it partially or not. one way or another to previous albums, so it worked perfectly. I modified it a bit. I add and reverse some things, and that’s how part one and part two were born.

“I don’t want to assume anything. I only hope for the best so I just hope that live music gets back to normal and yeah if there’s some rules that need to be enforced just for that to happen,” she continues, saying when the chat turned to the future. of live music. “Do you know how many groups broke up during COVID? How many bands were about to break up during COVID? We had to survive somehow. And I consider INFECTED RAIN to be one of the luckiest bands on the planet because it didn’t happen to us and it didn’t happen to us because of our absolutely amazing die-hard fans. ‘Cause if it wasn’t for them, who knows what would have happened, you know? They were there to support us, encourage us, be present. It gives you purpose in life. It gives you hope that it is possible to do it even if we have to change our habits, but it is possible. So I know it is very difficult to follow the rules. You think ‘Oh, I’m a sheep now and I’m following someone else’s rules’. But at the same time, why don’t we get to the middle ground where there are rules that absolutely make sense and we just follow them so we can have a life? »

“Imagine countries that have no support, no help from the local IT community or the government itself,” Lena keep saying. “I come from the country where INFECTED RAIN was born, Moldova. We had no support and normally nobody cared about the artists there. It doesn’t matter what type. You are an alternative artist, even worse. It’s a small country. Everyone is doing everything they can to survive and have a life, so of course no one is going to think about artists. But there are other countries on the other side that actually have the ability to support a bit too. They give you at least one kind of help that will make your job easier.

Despite the uncertainty with live music, Lena hopes live shows will continue, including INFECTED RAINof the European tour, starting February 16 in Munich. “The tour that is announced is a tour with a French group called DAGOBA“, Lena explain before the end of the interview. “Let’s hope nothing stands in the way of us and the shows will actually happen. It’s a pretty big tour. We’ve really missed our European fans. We’ve been touring Europe for years because we couldn’t go So little by little we started going from Eastern Europe to Central Europe, Northern Europe and everywhere, so we were definitely missing our fans there. , we are planning another tour in the United States. All festivals, hopefully another European tour at the end. I don’t know, we are still working on it. Things are not entirely up to us or our booking agents.

Ecdysis is available now through Napalm Records.

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