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Action speaks louder than words. Unlike at home, we are generally short of deeds and big on words. The more we grow, the more accomplished we feel. Those who run the country, at any given time, are the most relevant example. Almost every day they claim to have changed the country like never before. From sector to sector, institution to institution, and industry to industry, and yet we continue to slide down and down at a rate that has been steadily increasing. accelerate over time.

However, such behavior is not exclusive to politicians. Hallucinations exist everywhere. Take any newspaper, housing corporation brochure, airline brochure, college courses, any step toward police reform, curriculum review, bureaucratic amendments, citizen complaint cells, insurance cards, sports complexes, the rusty billboard of a roadside academy, etc., one never misses a statement: “for the first time in the story… “.

Unfortunately, we as a nation seem to have missed a basic lesson at the school level: every big task consists of many small tasks performed with precision and perfection. As a nation, we urgently need to learn the art of breaking down our moonlight goals into small, achievable tasks. It will also reduce frustration, anxiety, depression in society and embarrassment of the machinery of government as it will not have to stand up for promises it has not kept.

The obsession with being the world leader is going too far for now. A reality check is recommended. Late-night political talk shows speak volumes about our lack of knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the issues, the realities on the ground, and the complications of our problems and solutions. Our daily candid conversations are full of sweeping statements. Of course, most of these claims are not supported by data. The emotions are running high and we seem to be rather satisfied, even proud of them.

Pakistan desperately needs measures to improve its reputation in the international community. Those of us who have to travel abroad know the agony of using an unwelcoming passport. Tourists, businessmen, diplomats and even students find it difficult to obtain visas for other countries.

The Pakistani passport was ranked fourth in the world for international travel for the third consecutive year, with visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 31 destinations around the world, according to the Henley Passport Index 2022.

Expatriates come next. We are generally very proud of our expatriates who send home much-needed foreign currency. What we don’t realize is that if these people had the right kind of skills and training to work in an international environment, they would have done much better. Pakistani workers usually end up receiving less pay for work that brings much better benefits than their counterparts even in India and Bangladesh. This is because Pakistanis lack the basic education provided by the country of origin. Moreover, if overseas host companies do not honor their contract, Pakistani embassies usually only add to their misery instead of providing relief.

Then there are issues ranging from the breakdown of law and order to lack of proper education and even early marriages. All we do is talk idly to support that conversation with corresponding actions.

It’s time we changed our approach and corrected our course.

Mohammad Ali Falak
Texas, United States

Posted in Dawn, March 4, 2022