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Monday Memo: Read Me, Please! “Few engagement opportunities are more powerful than the ongoing email conversation you have with listeners.” Consultant Holland Cooke calls it “a relationship that Pandora and Spotify and your robotic AM/FM competitors can’t emulate.” In this week’s column, HC shares tips for the most important words in your email: its subject line. Read about it here.

Pending Deals: Sell Carefully. Radio Sales Pro Steve Lapa says the war in Ukraine has the potential to bring more information and opinion-hungry listeners to your news/talk station and provides a sales opportunity. “The loyal audience base that your station has worked hard to develop will lock in regularly for updates of information and the clarity that your aerial talent can bring to a complex and daunting situation that could affect everything from the price of the at the local pump at the roller coaster. roll in their stock portfolio. He offers six tips for selling during this historic news storm. Read more here.

KNBR-AM/FM, San Francisco promotes Adam Copeland to afternoons. Talk sports radio pro Adam Copeland is promoted to co-host of the afternoon ride with a longtime host Tom Tolbert to Cumulus Media‘s KNBR-AM/FM, San Francisco. It comes after Cumulus split from former Tolbert co-hosts larry kruger and Rod Brooks. Tolbert tweeted last week about their departure, saying, “Rod and Larry are no longer on the show. It sucks. I always get sad when something goes wrong. I love these two guys. I love them. consider them friends. I can’t tell you why some things work and some don’t. It’s a bummer. It stinks.” The new “Tolbert and The program Copes is broadcast from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Copeland joined KNBR as an intern in 2009 and was hired in 2016 as a board operator. He eventually became the producer of “KNBR Tonight with Ryan Covay.” In 2018, after serving as a replacement host on the station, Copeland was named host of his own conference. show, “The Lead Off Spot with Adam Copeland”, airs weekday mornings from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. He was also a producer of “Murph and Mac» morning program. Copeland said, “Having the opportunity to host ‘The Leadoff Spot’ and hang out with Murph and Mac for the past four years has been a dream come true since I was 16, and I am forever. indebted to all the loyal listeners, callers and guests who made the show as fun and engaging as it was. It’s been the honor of my life. I look forward to bringing the same energy and same excitement at the afternoon ride with the legendary Tom Tolbert. I know I have big shoes to fill and hope to make my fellow Bay Area sports fans proud. Onwards and upwards.” “

Release of the fourth round of the January PPM survey. The fourth of four sets of information on the ratings of Audio NielsenThe January 2022 PPM survey was released for 12 markets, including: Austin, Raleigh, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Providence, Norfolk, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Greensboro, Memphis and Hartford. Nielsen’s January 2022 sweep covered January 6 through February 2. Today, SPEAKERS editor-in-chief of the journal Mike Kinosian presents its takeaway notes for this group of markets. In the Raleigh market, iHeartMediaWTKK-FM news/talk jumped 1.1 shares for a finish of 7.4 shares (weekly, 6+ shares AQH) and #3 rank in the market, while Curtis Media Group‘s crosstown news/talk WPTF shoots nine-tenths for a 3.3 share good for #11. Emmis Communications‘ news/talk WIBC-FM, Indianapolis picks up 1.8 shares to wrap up the survey with a 10.6 share and climb to second. In Milwaukee, iHeartMedia news/talk WISN-AM jumps to No. 1 after adding nine tenths for a 9.7 share finish, while Good Karma Brands WTMJ-AM news/talk jumps one half share for a 7.2 share finish good for the #4 rank. Cumulus Media‘s news/talk WWTN-FM, Nashville veers eight-tenths to put up a 6.9 share that gives it the No. 2 spot in the market. Cox Media Group‘s WOKV-FM, Jacksonville is back at No. 1 after gaining 2.6 shares for a final 9.6 shares. You can see Mike Kinosian’s full scores for this group of markets (as well as the first three rounds) here.

Nielsen Holdings Announces 2.5% Increase in Fourth Quarter 2021 Revenue; Full-year revenue increased by 4.1%. Notes Giant Nielsen Holdings plc reports its financial data for the fourth quarter of 2021 and for the full year, revealing that revenues for the fourth quarter were $894 million, an increase of 2.5% compared to the same period in 2020. the whole of 2021 were $3.5 billion, one year over- annual increase of 4.1%. For the full year 2021, Nielsen reports net income from continuing operations attributable to Nielsen shareholders of $551 million, compared to $191 million in 2020. David Kenny said, “We have delivered strong results in 2021. We successfully sold Nielsen Global Connect, achieved major product milestones and exceeded all of our initial 2021 guidance metrics despite some unforeseen challenges. We are strongly positioned within the media ecosystem, with growing relevance as audiences move to streaming, and we deliver value to customers through our three core solutions. We’ve made measurable progress in becoming a digital-first company, and our strategy aligns with where industry growth is coming from. We are piloting the first version of Nielsen ONE, which we launched in January, with a cross section of customers across media buyers and sellers and feedback has been positive. We have also made progress in strengthening our balance sheet, reducing our net debt leverage by more than half a turn in 2021. We now have the opportunity to return more capital to shareholders while continuing to invest in initiatives organic growth and pursue strategic mergers and acquisitions. . Our $1 billion share buyback authorization reflects our Board of Directors’ confidence in our near- and long-term growth prospects and enables us to deliver value to our shareholders. The company reports on its financial position by stating: “As of December 31, 2021, the company had cash and cash equivalents of $380 million and gross debt of $5.626 billion, resulting in net debt of $5.246 billion.”

The Invasion of Russian Ukraine, COVID-19, Economics/Financial Markets, CPAC 2022/Trump and the GOP, William Barr’s Book, State of the Union and SAG Awards Among the Best News /weekend debates. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and national and global responses Vladimir Poutineis the bet; the declining rate of COVID-19 cases in the United States, the easing of mask mandates and convoys of American truckers to Washington, DC; the state of the US economy as the invasion of Ukraine affects global markets, continued inflation affecting retail consumer prices and financial market activity; the weekend CPAC 2022 conference and donald trumpthe influence of the GOP on the GOP; former attorney general William BarrDonald Trump’s new memoir with criticism is teased; the anticipation of Tuesday’s State of the Union address; and Sunday’s 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards Ceremony were among the most talked about stories on news/talk radio over the weekend, according to Ongoing Research. SPEAKERS magazine.

Bell is looking for a Senior Director, Affiliate Relations and Content. Canadian media giant Bell is looking for a Senior Manager, Affiliate Relations and Content for its Orbit Media. The company says, “We are looking for innovative team players willing to take on some of the the country’s best-known entertainment brands to the next level. Are you looking for a unique opportunity to play a vital role in content creation and syndication of programs and services in the broadcast industry? The Orbyt Media team is looking for someone who will foster and grow internal and external relationships and be bold in their idea generation and planning. Integrity and strong leadership are essential qualities required in this role. » Find out more and apply here.

FOX News Media is looking for a freelance radio presenter. This position based in New York with FoxNews is a freelance radio presenter to work on FOX News Radio Network/FOX News Headlines 24/7 Sirius XM Channel 115. In this role, you will work to tight deadlines and deliver top-notch newscasts. You have a passion for breaking news and the flexibility to work with a day’s notice. Learn more about this position and apply here.

FOX News Audio looking for a podcast producer. This is also a New York based position with FOX News Audio as a podcast producer to be part of the ever-growing FOX News podcast network. The responsibility of this position will be to develop ideas, pitch stories and work with FOX News Channel talent to create daily and weekly podcasts. They will lead bookings, edit shows for broadcast and work with production teams to create high quality products every day. In addition to their production duties, they will also lead the creative on social media posts and website editorials to promote the products. Learn more about this position and apply here.

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