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Project description

International vehicle sales and supply company, Motorplus, have trusted Iglo Architects, an award-winning team carrying out architectural and interior design projects of varying scales and functions, to design their office space in Maslak, Istanbul.
Iglo Architects, in partnership with Architect Zafer Karoğlu and Architect Esen Akyar, transformed a standard type workshop structure with a mezzanine in Section 2 of the Maslak Auto Industrial Site with the intention of designing a structure that stands out without creating an unpleasant scene with its facade among other workshops built online.
The design includes a lounge, executive room, operations and foreign trade sections, and other spaces, including kitchens and restrooms, built into the area that was previously used as car service. Further examination of the structure revealed that a second trapezoidal roof has been constructed over the pitched concrete slab roof and there is a 50cm gap between them. The height of the structure was increased by breaking the underlying concrete slab so as to avoid spoiling the alignment with the neighbours. Skylights were installed during the roof renovation, creating a light and airy atmosphere. On the ground floor, there is a lounge area with sliding carpentry and a chest of drawers on the front, and, on the back, the operational office space has been hidden from the front facade by placing wet volumes , consisting of guest and staff toilets and kitchen. In this space with a limited number of windows, a Barrisol ceiling and a mirror were used to create a spacious and bright effect. The executive bedroom provided on the upper floor with a view of the green landscape of the military area across the room, has a bright and panoramic prestigious atmosphere with fully opening windows and skylights. Comfort has been improved by concealing the toilet and the fireplace behind the wall panels.
The foreign trade section on the upper floor, where six people can work, has been transformed into a pleasant working space with high ceilings and a bright atmosphere. Sound-absorbing felts and insulating liquids were used in the walls and insulating cement finishes were used in the floors, in order to avoid noise from other workshops. In the middle of workshops planned in rows, this structure has managed to show its difference among its neighbors with its facade without creating an unpleasant scene.