Naruto: the 10 best non-fiction books

Since the original manga series debuted in 1999, Masashi Kishimoto’s mega-popular naruto brand name has been adapted through several multimedia avenues. Yet while comic books and animated series remain the most beloved, people often overlook or overlook the series of non-fiction tomes that have been made available for consumption over the past two decades.

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Such non-fiction naruto books include official guides and commemorative fanzines, illustrative art books, retrospective data books, anniversary compendiums, and more. They are great collectibles for naruto fans who want to soak up so much granular detail about the revered anime.


Naruto Anime Profiles Vol. 1-3

Two Naruto Anime Profiles issues seen side by side

One of the first documentaries naruto related books includes the 2006 version of Naruto Anime Profiles Vol. 1written and illustrated by Kishimoto himself. Two more volumes would be released, all of which would serve as an official guide to help readers make sense of the voluminous anime series.

In total, the first 185 episodes of the series are chronicled in the three Naruto Anime Profile volumes, making it ideal for finalists who may have missed an episode here or there or have a specific question about a particular storyline. There are also brief character descriptions and biographies for the curious.

Naruto: The Official Character Data Book

Naruto The First Official Character Data Book

If readers want more information about specific Naruto players than is offered in Naruto Anime Profilesthen consult Naruto: the official Character Data Book. The comprehensive 360-page paperback book written by Kishimoto offers a comprehensive encyclopedia of biographical knowledge relating to Naruto, Sakura, Gaara, Kakashi, Rock Lee, and others.

Whether a reader is a Naruto neophyte or expert, the book is invaluable for anyone who wants to take the plunge and learn as much as possible about the character’s cool origin stories, how they became such superior fighters, and other captivating story arcs that evolve. overtime.

The Art of Naruto: Uzumaki

Sample Page from The Art of Naruto

For a non-fiction naruto book completely devoid of character details and lengthy profiles, get a copy of The Art of Naruto: Uzumaki by Kishimoto. The stunning art book published in 2007 features high-quality prints of Kishimoto’s original Naruto artwork, featuring the most iconic main characters in the most stunning poses imaginable.

With a brief missive explaining each image, a really cool layout, and an interview to encourage budding artists, the book is full of dazzling color and great illustrations that jump off the page.

Uzumaki Naruto: Illustrations

A page from Uzumai Naruto: Illustrations

Published eight years later The art of NarutoKishimoto returned to add nearly a decade of jaw-dropping new designs to Uzumaki Naruto: illustrations. The dazzling 104-page also comes equipped with a fascinating commentary by Kishimoto, a cool sticker sheet and a giant double-sided poster.

While it is worth noting that Kishimoto published a second artbook in 2010 between The art of Naruto and artworkthis brings about the conclusion of the manga series, making it more complete and ultimately more invaluable than its predecessor. It’s a must-see for Kishimoto’s beautiful artwork.

Naruto: One Decade, One Hundred Ninjas

Sample of Naruto: One Decade, 100 Ninja

Speaking of comprehensive commemorations, Naruto: One Decade, One Hundred Ninjas is a special 10th anniversary celebration tome that’s ideal for the biggest fans of all things naruto. Published in 2009, the Japanese import consists of rare illustrations of 100 characters seen in comics, movies, and TV shows, some of which have never been seen before.

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Marking ten years of Naruto multimedia success, One decade, one hundred ninjas is a great way to track the progress of the series by looking at a separate time capsule in the character’s history. A great memory indeed.

Naruto: The Official Fan Book

Naruto: The Official Fan Book

Published in 2008, Naruto: The Official Fan Book offers readers a much deeper dive into the trivial details and fascinating facts surrounding Naruto’s long and complicated history. While other non-fiction books focus on character artwork and data, this one includes maps, character secrets, and hidden information about Naruto and his crew.

Written by Kishimoto in a very playful way to keep readers enthralled, the official fanbook also comes with a copy of the original 44-page manga written by Kishimoto. The book is absolutely essential for diehards naruto the finalists who want to spare no effort.

Naruto Kizuna – The Words That Bind

Naruto Kizuna sample

Released in two volumes in 2013, Naruto Kizuna – The Words That Bind is a collection of the most memorable lines and quotes from the manga and anime series of everyone’s beloved characters.

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Witty one-liners, funny quips and humorous barbs, and even long monologues and pivotal conversations are included in the non-fiction collection. It’s a great addition for those interested in how Kishimoto uses language to tell universal stories and how they translate to different countries.

Naruto: The Fourth Official Character Data Book

Naruto Sample: The Fourth Official Character Data Book

Released 12 long years after the first character data book, the fourth last such article is a must-have item for naruto passionate. The content is far more substantial than the previous three databooks, providing rich details on each main character’s origin story and how they came to be, including what some consider a rushed ending.

Equipped with an exclusive interview with Kishimoto about his unique creative process, as well as a three-page “Road to Naruto the Movie” preamble, the Definitive Character Guide is among Naruto’s best non-fiction tomes.

Naruto Christmas Coloring Book

Naruto Christmas Coloring Book

Considering the cottage industry of Naruto coloring books, it seems fair to have a little fun over the holidays and include the most timely of all. Indeed, the naruto christmas Coloring book is a great way to bond with kids, celebrate beloved characters in unique ways, and enjoy a fun Christmas activity with the whole family.

Written and illustrated by Tamara Pikstra, Naruto Christmas Coloring Book features over 100 ages of original hand-drawn illustrations to fill in, all printed on one side to prevent leaks. With large 8.5 x 11 inch pages, the book places Naruto’s most iconic characters in hilarious Christmas scenarios for all to enjoy.

Masashi Kishimoto’s Official Naruto Exhibition Guide

A page from the official Naruto exhibit guide

Released in 2015, the newest and arguably most valuable non-fiction collectible includes the Naruto Exhibition: Official Guide. The exclusive hardcover edition written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto features newly drawn illustrations from public display in book form.

With fully bilingual English and Japanese translations, the highly sought after collectible is essentially a living work of art, it’s a great way to peek inside the mind of a true artist and how he connects his designs to the masses even after achieving great success.

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