New center can process 50,000 blood donations a year: ministry – Journal

ISLAMABAD: The recently opened Regional Blood Center (RBC) in the federal capital has the capacity to collect, process and distribute more than 50,000 donations per year. Activities such as mass awareness campaigns, blood drives and blood tests will be regularly carried out in this center.

Department of National Health Services (NHS) spokesman Sajid Shah, in an interview with Dawn, said the government, with technical and financial support from Germany, was implementing a program called ” Establishment of Safe Blood Transfusion Services in Islamabad”.

“It aims to reform the blood transfusion system along the lines of international models in Islamabad. RBC Islamabad, measuring 21,000 square feet, was built in the premises of the National Institute of Health (Chak Shahzad) with a German grant and waived under the Safe Blood Transfusion Services Project, Ministry of Services health nationals.

“Each section of the center, especially the laboratory, is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery for blood processing, screening, storage and distribution. In addition, a traceability system for proper identification and record keeping as well as adverse reaction monitoring has also been installed and connected through management information systems (MIS) with the hospitals,” Mr. Shah said. .

Testing of all blood donations for transfusion-transmissible infections (TTIs) will be carried out and its clinical use will be encouraged. The overall objective of the project is to reduce the spread of TTIs caused by unsafe blood transfusions.

“The center serves as a central blood processing, screening, storage and distribution unit for all public hospitals in Islamabad,” he said.

Meanwhile, RBC officials continue to collect blood donations for day two at F-9 Park.

“We were happy to welcome people from all walks of life to our giving camp. They were informed about the benefits and importance of being a regular blood donor. The compassionate response we received is a testament to the charitable and selfless nature of our people. People should donate today and save up to three lives,” the RBC spokesperson said.

Inauguration of the dry storage warehouse

World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Director Dr Ahmed Al Mandhari and WHO Representative in Pakistan Dr Palitha Mahipala inaugurated a dry storage warehouse at the Federal Directorate of (FDI) to improve warehouse storage capacity for vaccine-related supplies and other equipment.

Government officials participated in the event. Dr Al Mandhari traveled to Pakistan to participate in the Polio Oversight Board meeting with high-level leaders.

The warehouse has been established on a covered area of ​​1,674 cubic meters, while the rack storage capacity inside the warehouse is 1,400 cubic meters. In accordance with WHO standards, the facility is equipped with a freight elevator, concrete ramp, pallet racking, fire-fighting system and CCTV system .

“WHO is committed to assisting the government of Pakistan to technically implement the routine immunization program in the country and to improve the health infrastructure for quality services,” Dr Al Mandhari said.

He also appreciates the close collaboration between WHO and government counterparts in delivering health programmes.

Dr Palitha Mahipala said: “The warehouse will meet the infrastructure needs of FDI’s rapidly changing operations and help expand service delivery.”

He thanked the government and FDI leadership for their cooperation during the construction phase despite heavy commitment to the Covid-19 vaccination programme.

In September 2021, WHO Representative Dr Palitha Mahipala laid the foundation stone for the warehouse.

The government counterpart thanked WHO for its continued support in improving public health infrastructure and technical assistance.

Posted in Dawn, May 23, 2022