Our newspaper has evolved with the times | City News

Since I wrote my first article for The suburbs 43 years ago, as a teenager, I can attest to the importance of community journalism.

The suburbs has certainly changed over time. While our Wednesday print edition remains the key to our mission, for articles and advertisements you no longer need to reside in our broadcast area to stay up to date. We have a top-notch website, with breaking news, special features, blogs and videos, and a new app. So now we cover our “suburban” communities while reaching far beyond that, with a broader regional and national reach. I hear so many ex-Montrealers following us online because they want to know what’s going on in their old haunts.

What intrigues me the most is when I get a call or an email from a reader telling a story that may never make it to the daily newspaper, on TV or on the radio. Then there are stories related to important community institutions, like hospitals, where we can go the extra mile and profile someone most deserving of recognition.

When I started as a journalist for The suburbs decades ago, I enjoyed the newspaper’s reputation for covering the business of every city council. Having been elected myself for the past 16 years, it is comforting to know that this has never changed. Editor Beryl Wajsman’s recent series of video interviews with local mayors was something unique that no other outlet in this province has done.

I remain one of those people who always prefers to read his printed newspaper over coffee or sitting in a relaxing chair outside, news and editorials to the classifieds section. Improving our website and adding the app has been a game changer though, especially since it is now updated 24/7. I’m proud to share this cover, knowing that when I hear of a breakup story, I can post it anytime. To say that before I entered cyberspace, I should have sat on something for a week, hoping that no other medium would kick me out.