Owensboro youth launch their own children’s newspaper | New

Audrey Neel, an 11-year-old Owensboro resident, turned her passion for creative writing into publishing her own monthly journal, titled “Owensboro Kids Chronicle.”

After initially thinking about starting her own diary and testing it on her family, Audrey Neel said she decided the time was right to commit to producing her own six-page diary each month.

“I made it last October and decided to bring it to people,” she said. “Since I brought it to people, I made sure I was going to do it the next month and the next month.”

Audrey Neel said she chose a monthly edition over a daily or weekly because she had a lot of interests and didn’t have time every day.

Audrey’s mother, Hope Neel, who homeschools Audrey, said it was nice to see her daughter come up with an idea and take it to a finished product to distribute to her followers in the neighborhood, the church and even outside the city limits of Owensboro.

“I have friends who moved to Nebraska during the school year, so we’re sending them now, and some people we know in Frankfort,” Audrey Neel said.

The process begins each month by trying to figure out exactly what she’d like to write about, as well as figuring out assignments for her team of about five friends and siblings who contribute articles and comics to the paper.

“I started setting a deadline; I usually do it on the 15th or 20th of the month so I can get it out before the end of the month,” Audrey Neel said.

Sections of the “Owensboro Kids Chronicle” include entertainment, sports, nature and outdoor events, as well as arts and music.

Audrey Neel said that sometimes the hardest part of running the newspaper is figuring out what kind of content to put in it.

“I try not to put in political news or a lot of bad news because it’s a children’s newspaper,” she said. “I try to put news that is interesting and good to hear.”

Audrey said some of her favorite stories she wrote were about a record breaking strawberry and the White House Cat.

When it comes to a career in journalism, she’s still figuring it all out.

“That would be nice, but I’m not sure because I like a lot of things,” she said. “But it could happen because I really like it.”