Premiere: Grocer shares new single “Calling Out”

Premiere: Grocer shares new single “Calling Out”

second year album, Numbers game Out May 6 via Grind Select

April 18, 2022

Photography by Emily Burtner

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Philadelphia band Grocer make offbeat indie punk art characterized by dissonant pop instincts, snappy beats and three distinct vocalists, courtesy of bassist Danielle Lovier, drummer Cody Nelson and guitarist Nicolas Rahn, plus additional guitar work from Emily Daly. Together, the band display a magnetic knack for idiosyncratic indie rock, taking recognizable elements of 90s rock and touchstones of Britpop and reframing them in inventive new contexts.

Grocer debuted in 2020 with their debut album, small splashand followed up last year with Delete if not allowed, a tight four-song EP that featured the band’s latest twisty rabbit holes. Lately they were teasing their upcoming second album, Numbers game, first with the record’s first single, “Pick a Way”, then with their follow-up, “Mountain Home”. Today, Grocer is back with their latest single, “Calling Out”, premiering with Under the Radar.

“Calling Out” finds the band lamenting the crushed world of the service industry, captured in frenetic style thanks to the track’s nimble rhythms and crazy guitar work. The band’s mayhem makes for an undeniably catchy work of indelible indie rock, with their frayed nerves and messy style steadily ratcheting up the tension. Each member locks into a call-and-response groove, wondering “What’s the point?” Finally, Lovier states “I don’t fucking wanna do thislaunching the band into the track’s delightfully wild finale. Anyone who has worked in the restaurant industry will realize this.

As Lovier explains, “‘Calling Out’ was born out of many frustrating years working in the restaurant industry and finally reached my breaking point during the pandemic. We decided to produce a video ourselves reflecting that experience with the help of a few friends. It was very cathartic to run around Philadelphia in those off-brand suits lamenting the 9-5 grind.

Check out the song and video below. Numbers game drops everywhere on May 6 via Grind Select.