Russo-Ukrainian War: German Newspaper Hires Russian Journalist Who Interrupted Newscast to Criticize Invasion

The German newspaper Die Welt announced on Monday that it has hired Russian journalist Marina Ovsiannikova, who made a name for herself by appearing on a television news to denounce her country’s offensive in Ukraine.

The journalist will be a correspondent for Ukraine and Russia, writing for the newspaper and for its television news network.

“Ovsiannikova had the courage, at a decisive moment, to confront viewers in Russia with an unsweetened image of reality,” Ulf Poschardt, Welt Group’s editor-in-chief, said in a statement.

“He thus defended the most important virtues of journalism, and this despite the threat of state repression,” added the boss of the conservative newspaper.

Marina Ovsiannikova was hired by a German newspaper. Photo: AFP

In the same statement, Ovsiannikova said that “Welt represents precisely what is so vehemently defended in Ukraine by the good people there: freedom.”

“As a journalist, I consider it my duty to defend this freedom”he added.

In mid-March, the journalist burst onto Russia’s most-watched news broadcast, that of the Pervy Kanal network, where she worked as a producer, with a banner criticizing the military operation from Russia to Ukraine and denounced “propaganda” government-controlled media.

“No war. Stop the war. Don’t believe the propaganda. Here they lie to you. Russians against the war (Russians against the war), she could read on the banner, while she shouted “Stop the war! Not to war!, before cutting the image.

She was arrested, fined and released. However, Ovsiannikova, who has since left the network, could face criminal charges and heavy prison sentences under a recent law that cracks down on “false information” about the Russian military.

Ovsyannikova was born in Odessa 44 years ago, studied at the Russian Academy of National Economy from 2001 to 2005, then graduated from Kuban State University.

Currently, she worked as the director of news programs at Channel 1. The journalist lives in Moscow, has two children and loves swimming in open water. In fact, she even swam across the Volga and the Bosphorus and participated in Oceanman.