Support Those in Ramadan – The Official Student Journal of Indiana University South Bend

From: Ashley Rose


Ramadan, a holy month, is a four-week period of spiritual growth for Muslims. During this period, participating Muslims abstain from physical objects, such as water and food, and improve their emotional and intellectual processes by refraining from immoral behaviors, including gossiping, lying, and using drugs. foul language.

Although it is an annual practice that some Muslims choose to participate in, many people do not know that Ramadan exists, let alone how to support anyone going through the spiritual experience. Understanding what Ramadan is and how to support someone going through the process can make you a better colleague, friend and person.

Depending on what part of the world they live in, some Muslims have to fast for more than 17 hours or in triple digit temperatures. It can be a very exhausting process and can take a toll on someone physically and mentally, especially near the end of the day.

Patience and empathy can go a long way. While Muslims are expected to go about their usual daily lives during this time, offering extra patience to someone who you notice is lacking in energy can benefit them both physically and emotionally.

“One of the best ways for a friend to support me during Ramadan is to simply inquire, such as asking me how my fast is going or asking me if I ate after the fast ended,” said Nawal Samdani, first year student.

Another way to support a friend during Ramadan is to be positively there for someone. This may include cooking them a meal for iftar, breaking their fast, or joining them for the meal when invited. Positive presence also includes understanding the importance of Ramadan to those around you.

“It’s not just about abstaining from food and water. This is a time when Muslims around the world develop a greater spiritual connection with God and engage deeply in our faith through more prayers, good deeds and holistic personal reflection,” Samdani said.

Understanding the significance of this holy month and supporting those involved around you encourages greater spiritual growth and builds a better relationship with that person.