The government will not give in to any blackmail: minister – Journal

TAXILA: Revenue Minister, retired Colonel Malik Mohammad Anwar Khan, said on Monday that the incumbent government would not be blackmailed to save his rule.

He was addressing the participants of a public meeting organized on the occasion of the groundbreaking of two sports facilities in Pindigheb.

The entire nation can see that all corrupt elements of 11 political parties have united on one platform against Prime Minister Imran Khan and the PTI government for their vested interests, the minister said.

Colonel Anwar says Attack will have five youth sports facilities

He said those watching the country’s politics knew the prime minister’s popularity had grown over the past two weeks.

People support a courageous and selfless leader who stands firm before the world and can present the country’s position, Khan said, adding that the prime minister did not do politics to win elections only and spoke for the independence and self-determination. from the country.

On the projects for Attock, the Minister said that five mega sports facilities will be established in the district in the current financial year for the promotion of sports and the provision of better recreational facilities for young people.

These facilities include the Tehsil Sports Complex which was awarded Rs 110 million in Shahbazpur and the construction of a football ground in the city of Pindigheb at a cost of Rs 37 million. These projects would be completed in the next fiscal year with a special grant from the provincial government.

Mr Khan said the government was pursuing a comprehensive sports promotion program which was why pitches were being built across the province, adding that millions of rupees had already been spent on renovating a stadium. hockey in the city which would help promote the national game at the district level.

Posted in Dawn, March 22, 2022