The Road to Emmaus – The Flame

Step by step. Road after road. We have the opportunity to experience the joy of walking towards God through a life of faith.

It is a constantly changing journey; sometimes we walk alone, and other times we walk with others like our friends and family, but one thing is true, we are never alone. There are so many times in life and in faith where we can feel abandoned with no one to turn to, but let me tell you, it’s an outright LIE. Christ is always by our side. Very often it is our own eyes that blind us to see that He walks by our side at all times, whether we notice it or not.

In times of fear, doubt, or frustration, our human tendency is to ask, “Is anything really possible for God?” Can he really save me from this crisis or worry? At least that is the question our actions raise when we are constantly in fear or worry. It is our decay that makes it such a struggle to surrender. The daily choice trust that God has a tailored plan to help you obtain Heaven if you raise ALL things to Him. We are allowed to not plan and schedule every moment of our lives down to the millisecond. in fact, it is exactly the opposite of what God expects of us. All He asks is that we seek to glorify Him on Earth and focus our gaze on joining Him in Heaven. This is the goal of desiring God above all things.

Having faith and trust that He will supply our needs takes practice and patience. As with the disciples on the road to Emmaus, God is often right next to us, but our “eyes are prevented from recognizing him” (Jn 24:16). We must walk towards God so that we can eventually be close enough to see his face in the creation he has placed around us and the people he has placed beside us.

I have certainly learned that it takes time, and by time I mean a lifetime of learning to surrender our worries, our fears, our joys, our hopes and our desires to God. It’s the idea that you have to make the choice to trust and walk the path that He lays before you.

Since coming to college, I have walked more than ever in my life. And it is the fact of having made the journey to the celebration of Mass on foot that has helped me to recognize what pilgrims from all over the world and throughout the centuries have sometimes traveled hundreds of kilometers to be in his presence. It has always been and always will be Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. Faith is a lifelong pilgrimage, whose final destination is Christ.

With each step we take towards Him, whether in the Sacrifice of the Mass or in Eucharistic Adoration, slowly the veils of worry and anxiety which prevent us from seeing the face of Christ become thinner and thinner. more. As we learn to surrender our lives more and more to Him, the more our hands and our hearts are opened to receive all that He desires to give us – to experience even a glimpse of joy that Christ gives to our hearts through the gift of the Eucharist, to feel like your heart is going to come out of your chest and you can’t help but smile just because you have freely chosen to welcome Him into your life. It is learning to know Christ and recognizing him in the Eucharist which fills us with the peace and joy of seeing him not only around us, but also in our own hearts, and of walking the road to Emmaus and to come back if necessary, that like the disciples, Christ could be revealed to us in the breaking of the bread, even for a moment.

Julia Danehy
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